established principals

Which of today's Irish artists will stand the test of time?
Cristín Leach Hughes
The Sunday Times 2014

MOCA opens new exhibit on death and life

The Observer [Cleveland,Ohio]
Maria Faizal, Staff reporter
28 February 2014

MOCA Cleveland's show on art inspired by death tackles a tough topic with sensitivity and grace

Steven Litt,
2nd May 2014

Cleveland museum exhibit explores subject of death
Daryl V. Rowland
April 13, 2014

MOCA Cleveland opens show with outsider's take on Cleveland, another with reflections on death

The News-Herald
Devon Turchan
March 6th, 2014

Mortality, time key to winter shows at MOCA Cleveland

Carlo Wolff, Staff Reporter
Cleveland Jewish News
March 11,2014

Illness through the eyes of the artist

Eoin O' Brien The Lancet Vol. 381
February 23rd 2013

Painful Reminders

Cristín Leach The Sunday Times
9 December 2012

In sickness and in death

Tina O'Sullivan, Irish Examiner
27 November 2012

How to paint pain?

Sinéad Gleeson The Irish Times
24 November 2012

James Morris and Cecily Brennan Llandudno

Robert Clark, The Guardian
26 March 2011

Traumatic viewing

Cristín Leach, The Sunday Times
23 January 2011


Aidan Dunne The Irish Times
May 5 2010

The View

R.T.E Television 4 April 2010

The Art of Crying

Gemma Tipton The Irish Times.
10th April 2010

Visual Artists Newsheet

Jan-Feb 2010

What? An atomic bomb in Cork?

Aidan Dunne, The Irish Times (2010)

Terror and the Sublime Art in an Age of Anxiety

The Irish Arts Review.
Tom Dunne Vol. 24 No.4

The End is Nigh....again

Marc O' Sullivan, The Irish Examiner
December 2, 2009

Unstrung: The Shadow of Despair

Jaki Irvine, Art Monthly, Issue No 306
May 2007


Aidan Dunne. The Irish Times
March 14, 2007

Contemporary Magazine

Valerie Connor No.76.
October 2005

Circa Magazine No.113

Siobhan Mullen.
Autumn 2005

1+1+1 Issue 2

edited by Graham Ellard, Lisa Panting and Anne Tallentire for Double Agents.
Summer 2005.


Aidan Dunne Irish Times
May 10, 2005

The Village

Billy Leahy
December 2005

The Village

Ormeau Baths Gallery.
July 2005

Under the Skin

Marianne Hartigan, The Sunday Tribune.
May 18, 2003

The Ticket

Aidan Dunne, The Irish Times.
May 08, 2003

Art's in the Bag in Boyle

Marianne Hartigan, Sunday Tribune.
August 05, 2001


Aidan Dunne Sean Mc Sweeney and Friends Irish Times.
July 25, 2001.

Damage Limitation

Aidan Dunne.
March 06, 2001

Nerves of Steel

Medb Ruane, The Sunday Times Magazine.
March 04, 2001

No national identity please, We're Irish

Aidan Dunne, Irish Times.
February 09, 2000.

In conversation with Peter Murray

Jo Allen, International Code Circa Magazine.

0044 travels to the USA

Art Bulletin
June/July 1999


Evening Echo
Jul 20, 1999

Primal Means

AAI Journal, Aug, 1999

Primal Means

Mark Ewart, Irish Times.
Aug 13, 1999

0044 Not your grandmother's Ireland

The Scene, New York.
Oct 10, 1999

Simon Says

New York
June 1999

The Challenge of Power

Circa Magazine.
June 1999

Cecily Brennan Taylor Galleries

Medb Ruane, The Sunday Times.
June 02, 1996

Irish Times

Brian Fallon.
May 1996

Cecily Brennan Taylor Galleries

Aidan Dunne, Circa Magazine, No.77

Cork Examiner

Declan Hassett.
April 14, 1992

Cork Examiner

Hilary Pyle
April 08, 1992

Top 25 Art Achievements

Aidan Dunne Sunday Tribune
December 29, 1991

Sunday Tribune

Aidan Dunne
November 19, 1991

Cara Magazine

Cara Magazine
June 1990

Woman's Way

Valerie Shanley
June 07, 1991

Sunday Tribune

Aidan Dunne
January 01, 1989

Irish Times

Brian Fallon.
December 21, 1988

Interview with Mary Finan

Sunday Independent
February 03, 1988

88 for 88

Image Magazine, Ireland.
January 1988

The year ahead

Ray Comiskey, The Irish Times.
January 01 1987

Irish Arts Review Dublin Vol. 3 No. 3

John Hutchinson 1986

The Irish Times

Brian Fallon The Irish Times
August 30, 1986

The Arts Council Bursary Show

Hilary Pyle, Irish Times
May 27, 1986

In Dublin

John Hutchinson, Issue No. 228.
April, 1985

Best of the Year

Irish Times
December, 1985


Brian Fallon, Irish Times
December, 1985


Ciaran Carty, Sunday Independent
April 21, 1985


Aidan Dunne, Magill Magazine, Ireland.
April 18, 1985

Interview with Cecily Brennan

Ciaran Carty, Sunday Independent
John Meany, Circa Magazine, Ireland
Nov, 1982

Cecily at the Project

Niamh O'Sullivan, Sunday Tribune
March 18, 1982

Review of Project Arts Centre Show

Aidan Dunne, Irish Times
March 1982

Young Artists: Cecily Brennan

John Hutchinson, Irish Times
July 23, 1982

Cecily Brennan at the Project

Harriet Cooke
March 16, 1982

Little and Large

Sunday Press
March 14, 1982

Big can be beautiful too

Ciaran Carty, Sunday Independent
March 14 1988